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(Test cases)
(Test cases)
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* [[Multi-inlet CH_4/Air flame with scheme GRI12]]
* [[Multi-inlet CH_4/Air flame with scheme GRI12]]
* [[Premix kerosene/air flame with scheme ]]
* [[Multi-inlet kerosene/air flame with a reduced scheme derived from Luche]]

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ORCh background

ORCh (Optimised and Reduced Chemistry) is a fully automated method to reduce detailed chemical schemes. This page describes the architecture of the method and explains how to install and run ORCh.

ORCh is reported in two archival papers (make sure to cite those papers when using this program):

  • N. Jaouen, L. Vervisch, P. Domingo (submitted) Auto-thermal reforming (ATR) of natural gas: An automated derivation of optimised reduced chemical schemes.
  • N. Jaouen, L. Vervisch, P. Domingo, G. Ribert (submitted) Automatic reduction and optimisation of chemistry for turbulent combustion modelling: Impact of the canonical problem

Architecture of the method



User guide

Test cases